Christmas jumper day at school!

New themes, autocomplete for tags and of course TagCons!

Once you get a decent tag collection going, it can get harder to find the right one in your Sidebar. To help you do less scrolling and more finding in Bear 1.4, we added over 100 TagCons — small icons for some of the most popular tags we could find.

Bear 1.4: The Tags Edition

Bluetooth, oh how I hate thee.

Nicholas Bate’s What we know about 2018, the complete list. A must read in preparing for the new year.

Trying to kid myself on that the Hawaiian sunshine is included in every bottle. Alas no sunshine included but a great beer! 👍🏻

Posting this here in the hopes that Michael Wade sees this and doesn’t need to break his Twitter fast for it.

For the Aubrey Maturin lovers , I do hear whispers indeed that a second voyage is perhaps potentially pre-proposed a possibility . So O’Brian affectionate’s and aficionados , let @20thcenturyfox know of your pleasure .

Russell Crowe

I would love to see a second Master & Commander film. The first movie is great and the Aubrey/Maturin books by Patrick O’Brian are fantastic reads.

Version bump for my Daring theme for Ghost so that it works with Ghost’s 1.0.0 release.

Also hat tip to Ghost for their theme scanner that let’s you know when a theme has issues.

Discovered that I am a lousy open source software maintainer. Two pull-requests for my Daring theme sitting in the repo without me knowing. Doh!

Curtis McHale breaks down the process of getting work done in a world of distractions. I particularly like his argument for analog task managers over digital ones.

One of the big principles of Bullet Journalling, is that paper creates friction and this is a good thing. If it feels like a significant pain to move your tasks forward, then they likely weren’t worth doing anyway. You didn’t get to them the first time, so apparently, they weren’t important.

Just drop them.

Digital task managers make it far too easy to move things forward that we’re never going to do. You push the date forward and make the task a problem for future you. Maybe you take the date off and then continually have to decide during your review if the task is worth doing.

How Do I get Deep Work Done in the Midst of Random Priority Distractions by Curtis McHale

It’s the time of year for giving and there’s lots of ways you can do it.

Small organizations often need help with administrative tasks — website design, donor management, marketing materials. On the ground opportunities may provide more Instagram-worthy photo ops, but helping staff inside the office may be more valuable to the team.

Tips on mindful giving by Michelle Welsch for Project Exponential

Tom Critchlow is re-discovering the glory days of blogging. The tags, the blogrolls and much more. The simpleness of it all.

There’s something about the humble hyperlink that gets subsumed by hyperfeeds. The archive. The curation of tags and categories. Blog series.

A few notes on blogging and independent feeds by Tom Critchlow

This is why I’m doting on so much. It’s blogging and syndication made simple. And RSS is much easier to follow than any hyperfeed.

I love this manifesto for blogging. Lots of good points to use. Also, why wasn’t I already subscribed to Hugh’s blog?

All content must be on your own platform. You must own your own domain, and it must have a monopoly on your best work. Other people’s platforms like Facebook or Twitter can only link to the content, they mustn’t duplicate it. In other words, if people want to hear from you, first they have to come to YOUR house.

The Dogme 17 Manifesto: a guide to better blogging by Hugh McLeod

Starting to feel normal again after a lingering cough and cold.

Outlined a couple of blog posts this morning that I’ll publish this week.

Cracking afternoon for Drew at the putting competition up at Paisley Golf Club. Bobble hats off to the professionals up at the golf club, Claire-Marie and Andy, for a great afternoon and a great gift for all the kids in the academy! 👍🏻

Remember what I said about Twitter being left in the dust?

Looks like collections are the new must have feature in the social media silos.

First Instagram and now Facebook. As usual Twitter is left in the dust.

4 spaces for indentation on JS looks weird.

Proof that your business can survive without email.

In short, Schwarz is a classic craftsman. If you want to ask him about his trade, however, you’ll have a hard time getting in touch. In 2015, he stopped using (public) email. And he has no intention of going back.

The Woodworker Who Quit Email by Cal Newport

Just finished watching Stranger Things 2. Damn that was good television.